Design Polymerics DP 2595 Closed Cell Foam Spray Adhesive

Design Polymerics DP 2595 is a premium quality, solvent based, high performance, fast drying, non-flammable, industrial pressure sensitive insulation adhesive that is water resistant and temperature resistant to 200°F.

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Product Description

Design Polymerics DP 2595 is a closed cell foam spray adhesive.


  • Bonding closed cell foam insulation and fiberglass duct liner to the interior or exterior of galvanized steel, stainelss steel, and aluminum HVAC duct.
  • Bonding a variety of substrates including kraft backed foil, foams, fabrics, plastics, and foil jacketing to urethane foam.


  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Non-Flammable After Application
  • Water Resistant
  • Quick Drying
  • Pressure Sensitive

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DP 2595 Spray Adhesive Technical Data Sheet