Design Polymerics DP 77 Industrial Pressure-Sensitive Spray Adhesive

DP 77 pressure sensitive adhesive is a clear, industrial strength, multi-purpose aerosol spray adhesive with quick tack and high shear strength.

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Product Description

DP 77 Pressure-Sensitive Spray Adhesive


  • May be used to bond galvanized metal, wood, fiberglass, foam rubber, paper, glass, cardboard, textiles, plastics, and laminate.
  • Bonding fiberglass insulation to the exterior of galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum HVAC duct.
  • Sealing and bonding laps in HVAC duct insulation.
  • Adhering kraft backed foil and foil jacketing to urethane foam.


  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Quick Drying
  • Permanent Bond
  • Lace-Like Web Spray Pattern
  • High Temperature Resistance – Bonds Maintained Even After Exposure To Heat Up To 200° F.

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DP77 Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive Technical Data Sheet