Design Polymerics DP 2502 Water Based Duct Liner Adhesive

Design Polymerics DP 2502 is a water based, premium quality, UL Classified duct liner adhesive specifically formulated for spray, brush, and roller applications.

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Product Description

Design Polymerics DP 2502 is a water based duct liner adhesive.


  • Bonding fibrous duct wrap and duct liner insulation to galvanized duct work.
  • Sealing cut edges of fiberglass insulation.
  • Bonding kraft backed foil coverings to fiberglass and urethane flat stock or pipe insulation.
  • Bonding multiple layers of fibrous insulation board,

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>Design Polymerics DP 2502 Water-Based Duct Liner Adhesive Technical Data Sheet

DP-2502 SDS

DP 2501-2502 CDPH Emission Testing Compliance Certificate