Design Polymerics DP 3050 Water Based Lagging Adhesive

DP 3050 is a water based, premium quality, quick drying, low odor lagging adhesive and protective coating for indoor use.


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Product Description

Design Polymerics DP 3050 is a low odor lagging adhesive for indoor use.

  • DP 3050 may be used for bonding and coating jackets of canvas, glass cloth and other lagging fabrics over insulated surfaces, including rectangular and round ductwork insulation.
  • DP 3050 may be used as a lap adhesive for canvas, glass cloth and pipe insulation jackets.
  • DP 3050 may be used as a protective coating over expanded polystyrene foam insulation to prevent dusting and protect from solvents.
  • DP 3050 may be used to seal cut ends of fiberglass duct liner.


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