Carlisle CCW-704

Carlisle CCW-704 is a solvent-based, rubberized bitumen mastic. After evaporation of the solvent, the remaining compound is a rubber-like material that adheres tenaciously to the polyethylene facer of CCW Sheet Membranes.

CCW-704 Mastic is used as a secondary seal on the seams, T-joints, overlaps and other terminations/penetrations of CCW sheet membrane systems. It is designed for use on the top surface and edges of the CCW sheet membrane and should never be used underneath the membrane.

Product Description

Coverage Rate

A ½” bead yields approximately 100 linear feet per gallon. Estimate one 30-oz. tube for T-joint and end lap treatment for every 200 sq. ft. of membrane installed.

Property                           Method

Color                                  Black
Weight                               10.4 lbs/gal
Viscosity                             5000 poise
(Brookfield #7 @ 10 rpm) 
VOC                                    200 g/l
Flash Point                         180 degrees F

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