Design Polymerics DP 1020 Zero VOC Duct Sealant

Design Polymerics DP 1020 Zero VOC Duct Sealant

DP 1020 is a premium, fiber reinforced water-based (zero VOC), UL listed, high velocity grey duct sealant for commercial and residential use. DP 1020 may be used to seal joints on metal, flexible and fiberglass duct board supply and return air duct.

Product Description

DP 1020 is recommended for:

  • Sealing joints, seams, and duct wall penetrations
  • Sealing connections on flexible duct.
  • Up to 15 inches water column pressure

Features and Benefits:

  • LEED Qualified
  • ZERO VOC’s
  • UL Listed
  • Excellent Workability
  • Crack and Peel Resistant
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • Excellent Dry Adhesion
  • Indoor and Outdoor Usage
  • Minimal Shrinkage
  • Sag Resistant
  • Excellent Water and U.V. Resistance
  • Meets FDA, USDA, and EPA Standards
  • Meets Requirements of NFPA 90A & 90B, ASTM E-84, and UL-723
  • Paintable with latex or epoxy paints after cured

DP-1020 Zero VOC Grey Duct Sealant TDS

DP-1020 SDS

DP-1020 CDPH Emission Testing Compliance Certificate