CL Ward BioCoat Antimicrobial Encapsulating Coating


BioCoat is a multi-purpose encapsulating coating specifically for spray applications that serves as a protective barrier coating against water and prevents mold, mildew, algae, fungus and yeast growth in the duct system. Compatible with polyester, fiberglass, polystyrene board, closed cell polyethylene and polyethylene foam insulation materials, the BioCoat is a versatile product to meet your clean air requirements.

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Product Description


  • High viscosity water based multi purpose encapsulating coating specifically for spray applications with antimicrobial properties. 
  • Water Based
  • UL 723 Classified
  • EPA registered biocide package
  • Low viscosity lagging adhesive
  • Weather barrier coating
  • Protective coating against water migration into the duct system
  • Prevention of mold, mildew, fungus and yeast in the duct system
  • Applicable for clean air requirements – hospitals, schools and etc.
  • Compatible with polyester, fiberglass, polystyrene board, closed cell polyethylene and polyethylene and polyurethane foam insulation materials
  • Applicable to bond and seal jackets of canvas, cloth or other fabrics/insulators to air conditioning ducts and cold water pipes • Easily sprayed with airless or spray assisted sprayers
  • Cleans with soap and water when wet. Stronger solvents will be needed if dried
  • Base: Synthetic Latex
  • Color: Black or White
  • Density: 9.1 ± 0.2 lbs./gallon
  • Solids: 46 ± 2%
  • Viscosity: 12,000 cps ± 2,000 pcs(Brookfield Viscometer, RV-4 spindle, 5 rpms, at 77°F)
  • Application Temp: 20°F to 90°F
  • Storage Temp: 20°F to 90°F
  • Shelf Life: (Unopened containers) 1 year
  • Coverage: 400 sq.ft. per gallon
  • TVOC Emissions: CDPH Standard Method v1.2 = Private Office – Pass: School Classroom – Pass
  • VOC Content: EPA Method 24 Test = Pass – Very Low
    Dry Time: 11 minutes at 4mils wet film thickness and 76°F, depending on temperature, humidity and application thickness
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant:
    ASTM G21: Standard Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Poymeric Materials to Fungi – Pass
    ASTM Method D 4300-01: Standard Test Methods for Ability of Adhesive Films to Support or Resist the Growth of Fungi – Pass
    ASTM D2574: Standard Test Method for Resistance of Emulsion
  • Paints in the Container to Attack by Microorganisms – Pass
  • Do not freeze
  • Available in white or black and 5/54 gallon containers

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