Childers CP-146 Chil-Flex Duct Sealant

Childers CP-146 Chil-Flex Duct Sealant

CP-146 is an indoor/outdoor water-based duct sealant. CP-146 is a water-based duct sealant developed for use in all heating, ventilating, and air conditioning metal ductwork systems. It is easily applied, and its metallic gray color blends well with ductwork.

Product Description

CP-146 isused to seal all metal joints in high, medium, and low pressure air handling ductwork systems. Application by trowel, brush or extrusion readily fills the joints of round, rectangular, rigid or flexible ductwork, diffusers, and mixing boxes.

  • Water-based for personal & environmental safety.
  • Application is quick & easy for economical installation.
  • Dries firmly & forms a strong, resilient, seal.
  • Creates a permanently flexible seal (even when system cycles between high and low temperatures).
  • Resistant to fire, oxidation, cracking, moisture, & water.
  • Long service life.
  • Quick & efficient clean up of tools & metal with hot water when sealant is still wet.

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Childers CP-146 Data Sheet

Childers CP-146 Safety Data Sheet