Fabricated Styrofoam

Fabricated Styrofoam

GIC fabricates styrofoam / polystyrene insulation from XPS PIB (eXtruded PolyStyrene Pipe Insulation Billet), a rigid thermoplastic foam manufactured by an extrusion process that forms a uniform, void-free, closed cell structure. This structure, along with the naturally water-repellent nature of the polystyrene resin, gives XPS PIB products high compressive strength, low friability and excellent resistance to water vapor and water absorption from freeze-thaw cycling.

Product Description

XPS PIB is used extensively in industrial and commercial piping applications. With a service temperature range of -297°F to 165°F (-183°C to 74°C), XPS PIB is a preferred material for low-temperature systems, both for minimizing heat gain and preventing surface condensation. XPS PIB maintains its key insulating properties in low-temperature applications and other environments with high humidity and high-moisture conditions.

Fabricated Styrofoam Insulation Specifications

Styrofoam Insulation SDS