Fabricated Phenolic Foam

Fabricated Phenolic Foam

GIC fabricates phenolic foam insulation in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your exact specifications. TRYMER Supercel High Density is a closed-cell rigid phenolic foam insulation. This rigid insulation is supplied in the form of large buns for fabrication into pipe, curved segments, sheets, tank and vessel coverings, and other shapes for a variety of thermal insulation applications.

Product Description

TRYMER Supercel High Density Phenolic Insulation has very low (good) thermal conductivity, an exceptionally low flammability and the same -297°F to +257°F (-183°C to 125°C) temperature limits as standard density Trymer Supercel. TRYMER Supercel High Density phenolic foam is primarily intended for use as pipe insulation in external support locations where higher compressive strength may be needed but can also be used in other applications where increased strength is required.


SDS T2500