Fabricated Polyurethane

Fabricated Polyurethane

General Insulation Company fabricates polyurethane in many shapes and sizes to meet your exact requirements. GIC fabricates this rigid insulation supplied in the form of bunstock into sheets, pipe shells, tank and vessel coverings, and other shapes for a variety of thermal insulation applications. TRYMER 2000 XP insulation features improved dimensional stability over a wider range of temperatures than standard polyurethane insulation.

Product Description

TRYMER 2000 XP insulation is suitable for applications that require a Flame Spread Index of 25 or less and a Smoke Developed Index of 450 or less when tested as per ASTM E84. These are typical requirements for pipe insulation located in non-plenum locations so TRYMER 2000 XP Insulation is particularly ideal for use as pipe insulation in the non-plenum areas of commercial buildings. TRYMER 2000 XP can be used within the service temperature range of -297°F to 300°F (-183°C to 149°C).

Polyurethane TRYMER 2000 XP Product Sheet