Fabricated Foamglas

Fabricated Foamglas

General Insulation Company fabricates Foamglas in many shapes and sizes to meet your exact requirements. Foamglas One is a lightweight, rigid material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning. Foamglas has constant insulating efficiency, is noncombustible, corrosion-resistant, and has high compressive strength.

Product Description

Fabricated Foamglas for a wide variety of for a wide range of piping and equipment applications at operating temperatures from -268 to 482 °C (-450 to 900 °F).

  • Cryogenic systems
  • Low temperature pipe, equipment, tanks and vessels
  • Medium and high temperature pipes and equipment
  • Hot oil and hot asphalt storage tanks
  • Heat transfer fluid systems
  • Hydrocarbon processing systems
  • Chemical processing systems
  • Above ground and underground steam and chilled water piping
  • Commercial piping and ductwork

Fabricated Foamglas Product Sheet

FOAMGLAS® Insulation SDS