Childers CHIL-PERM CP-30 LO Low Odor Vapor Barrier Coating

CHIL-PERM CP-30 LO is an extremely effective vapor barrier coating for all low temperature applications. In the wet state, it has an unusual consistency which allows it to be buttered-on in relatively heavy films, or it can be brushed out into thin films. It is made with an elastomeric resin which yields a tough, yet flexible, dry film with excellent adhesive properties.

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Product Description

CHIL-PERM CP-30 LO Vapor Barrier Coating, in the dry state, is a fire resistive, flexible coating for all types of thermal insulations in cold and dual temperature service. As an indoor vapor barrier coating, it is used to vapor seal fittings, piping, and equipment insulated with fibrous glass, polyurethane foams, and other low temperature insulation materials. It is not to be used in direct contact with polystyrene foams. CP-30 LO coating is used as a barrier at the butt joints of pipe and block insulation where intermediate vapor stops are required. CP-30 LO coating is also used to seal the joints of foil-faced boards and other factory vapor sealed insulation material, and also where pins and staples puncture insulation vapor barrier facings.

CHIL-PERM CP-30 LO Vapor Barrier Coating is easy to apply by brush; even though it is a solvent-type of coating, its ease of workability is comparable to many water emulsion coatings. It may also be applied by heavy-duty airless spray. It has excellent bridging properties and will give a smooth finish even over relatively rough substrates. It is normally applied with a glass fiber reinforcing mesh such as Chil-Glas #10.

  • CHIL-PERM CP-30 LO Vapor Barrier Coating is easy to apply and its buttery consistency makes it easy to achieve a continuous film, free of pin-holes.
  • The cured film is tough, yet flexible, and is resistant to many acids and alkalis. It is washable.
  • CP-30 LO is white and matches most white vapor barrier jackets.


  • Meets NFPA Standard 90-A and 90-B 25/50 requirements.
  • Qualifies under Coast Guard Specification 164.012.
  • This product has been tested according to ASTM E-84 (Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials).

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Childers CHIL-PERM CP30 LO Low Odor Vapor Barrier Coating Data Sheet

Childers CHIL-PERM CP30 LO Low Odor Vapor Barrier Coating Safety Data Sheet