Childers CP-70 CHIL-JOINT Sealant

CHIL-JOINT CP-70 is a non-shrinking, permanently flexible, economical joint sealant for applications with all types of low temperature, dual temperature, and some high temperature insulation systems.

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Product Description

CHIL-JOINT CP-70 Sealant is used to vapor seal and act as an expansion joint in the joints of cellular glass and cellular plastic insulations. It will not attack even polystyrene insulations and remains flexible and functional through a wide temperature range.

CHIL-JOINT CP-70 Sealant has good resistance to elevated temperatures, and it is recommended as an expansion joint material up to 300ºF (149ºC). It is an excellent water seal, vapor seal and expansion joint material, and is suggested as a joint sealant for all metal jacketing systems.

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Childers CP-70 CHIL-JOINT Sealant Data Sheet

Childers CP-70 CHIL-JOINT Sealant Safety Data Sheet