Proto PVC Fittings

Proto fitting covers included here are short and long radius 90s, standard 45s, and tees. These come in one-piece or two-piece (H) elbows and can be ordered with or without fiberglass inserts. Carved 90s (C-Series) and standard and round end caps can also be found in this category.


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Product Description

PVC covers for all standard plumbing fittings. Proto Corporation manufactures the widest variety of PVC fitting covers and jacketing systems in the industry. Proto jacketing can be used indoors or outdoors. It stays white, with exceptional outdoor weathering. It is the choice for food and drug plants and the petrochemical industry. It can be welded shut for use in food plants. It can be ordered in thicknesses from .010 mil. to .040 mil. and in 35 1/2″ or 48″ lengths (depending on mil thickness and type of material).


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Proto Covers Data Sheet

Proto Covers Safety Data Sheet