Ideal Tape 488 Insulation Tape

Ideal Tape 488 Insulation Tape

Ideal Tape 488 is a premium grade pressure sensitive foil tape manufactured with a nominal 2 mil aluminum foil backing and a performance rubber adhesive system.  

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Product Description


Ideal Tape 488 AWF is a pressure sensitive 2 mil aluminum foil tape with a All Weather Formula (AWF) performance adhesive system. UL 723 Rated. 488 AWF is primarily used for sealing aluminum faced duct and pipe insulation systems.

Performance Features

  • All Weather Formula adhesive system provides a durable long term bond
  • Dead soft aluminum foil backing blends into basic facing patterns, and conforms to irregular surfaces such as FSK facings.
  • Functions as a vapor barrier and assures integrity of the insulation system.
  • Release liner provides easy removal for efficient application on the job site

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Ideal Tape 488 Insulation Tape Tehncial Data Sheet

Ideal Tape 488 Insulation Tape Safety Data Sheet

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