Design Polymerics DP 1030 Fiber Reinforced Water-Based Duct Sealant

Design Polymerics DP-1030 is a fiber reinforced, water based, premium quality, UL Listed 181A-M / B-M, high pressure/high velocity duct sealant for commercial and residential supply and return air duct use.

Product Description

Design Polymerics DP 1030 is a fiber-reinforced water based duct sealant.


  • DP 1030 is recommended for sealing joints, seams, and duct wall penetrations on metal air duct.
  • DP 1030 is recommended for sealing connections on flexible duct or fiberglass duct board.
  • DP 1030 is recommended up to 15 inches water column pressure.

Design Polymerics DP-1030 Water-Based Duct Sealant Technical Data Sheet

DP-1030 SDS

DP-1030 CDPH Emission Testing Compliance Certificate