Childers CP-127 Chil-Quik Water-Based Adhesive

Childers CP-127 Chil-Quik Water-Based Adhesive

High quality water based HVAC insulation adhesive for application by brush, spray, roller, or duct liner machine. Childers CHIL-QUIK CP-127 is a fast tacking, water based emulsion-type HVAC adhesive that creates an exceptionally strong and long lasting bond. It is white in color, but dries clear.

Product Description

CHIL-QUIK CP-127 adhesive is used in conjunction with low-density glass fiber and mineral fiber insulations. It adheres vapor barrier jacketing and facing materials, such as Foil Faced Kraft paper laminates (FSK) and All Service Jacketing (ASJ), to insulation. It adheres rigid board stock insulations to the interior/exterior surface of galvanized steel and/or aluminum metal ductwork prior to final securement.Seals edges of duct liner insulation to prevent fiber release.

  • CHIL-QUIK CP-127 adhesive is water based for personnel safety; it contains no solvents, and presents no fire hazard during application.
  • Cleanup with water is quick and easy.
  • Because it dries clear, overspray is not objectionable.
  • Since CHIL-QUIK CP-127 adhesive exhibits good tack, insulation can be immediately pressed into place, which results in high production rates.
  • The bond created between insulation and jacketing/substrate is strong, which helps prevent delamination to provide a longer service life.
  • May be used to seal or butter cut edges of duct liner insulation to retard fiber release. It can be applied to edges by brush, spray or dipping.
  • CHIL-QUIK CP-127 adhesive is versatile, being able to be applied in a wide variety of methods, including automatic coil lines and roll coaters to help reduce inventory requirements.

Childers CP-127 Chil-Quik Water-Based HVAC Adhesive Data Sheet

Childers CP-127 Chil-Quik Water-Based HVAC Adhesive Safety Data Sheet