Fabricated Mineral Wool

Fabricated Mineral Wool

GIC fabricates high temperature pipe insulation from rigid mineral wool from ProRox SL 460 insulation board. GIC’s fabricated mineral wool insulation is excellent in high-temperature thermal and acoustical insulation applications, including steam and process piping systems and conditions where moisture penetration is a primary concern.

Product Description

Natural, efficient and cost effective, ROXUL stone wool insulation delivers energy conservation, personnel protection and fire control in addition to exceptional high temperature insulation for industrial applications.

Designed to withstand temperatures up to 1400◦ F (760◦ C), and as high as 2150◦ F (1177◦ C) without melting, fire resistant and non-combustible ProRox PS 980 is built to meet the high demands of oil and gas, power generation, and petrochemical industries.

It is water repellant, reduces noise, and has high compressive strength. Installation is easy, and it can be cut to fit with a regular serrated knife.

ProRox SL 460 Data Sheet

Roxul Material Safety Data Sheet