RothoBlaas Traspir Felt EVO UV 210

TRASPIR FELT EVO UV 210 is the monolithic breathable membrane with exceptional UV resistance. It is the ideal solution for creating discontinuous coating of ventilated façades with grouting up to 30 mm wide.

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Product Description

TRASPIR FELT EVO UV 210: waterproofing and UV stability in one solution.

It consists of a monolithic breathable PU layer on a polyester reinforcement and is designed for application on the external side of walls.



– Mass per unit area : 210
– Water vapour trasmission (Sd) (m) : 0,1
– Maximum tensile force MD/CD (N/50mm) : 380/420
– Elongation MD/CD (%) : 40/55
– Resistance to tearing MD/CD (N) : 220/210
– Watertightness (class) : classe W1
– VOC emission (COV) (%(class A+)) : 0
– Temperature resistance (°C) : -40/+80
– Reaction to fire (class) : B-s1, d0

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Traspir Felt EVO UV 210 Technical Data Sheet