DuPont Liquidarmor CM Flashing and Sealant

DuPont LiquidArmor CM Flashing and Sealant is an innovative, patented liquid flashing solution designed to provide advanced moisture and air sealing protection to commercial buildings. A unique alternative to flashing tape, the elastomeric spray forms a tight, seamless barrier along the rough openings of windows and doors while helping to significantly reduce labor time.

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Product Description

LiquidArmor CM offers an excellent alternative to conventional flashing and sealing products for installation of Thermax or the Ultra Air Barrier Wall System. The liquid flashing solution covers and seals hard-to-reach gaps up to a quarter inch wide and offers a reliable replacement to peel and stick flashing tapes commonly used on board joints of commercial buildings. The versatile, water-based coating of LiquidArmor CM works on a wide range of surfaces, including foam boards, steel studs, concrete masonry units, tapes, wood buck, and wraps. With sprayable, aqueous technology, it facilitates a consistent application using commonly available airless paint sprayers.

LiquidArmor CM seals around screws, veneer anchors and penetrating fasteners, resulting in a durable and resilient barrier suited to withstand job site variations and long term building performance. Once the sealant sets to the final elastomeric solid, the treated area is protected and helps provide superior air leakage and moisture control as part of a joint treatment with DuPont’s commercial wall assemblies.

Ease of Use

LiquidArmor CM is easy to handle and apply. Some benefits include:

  • Time-saving, one-step application (no mesh required)
  • No measuring, cutting or folding required
  • Convenient application range of 35–120ºF
  • Easy conformation to complex geometries
  • High abrasion resistance and durability during installation
  • Freeze-thaw tolerance
  • Heat-age tolerance
  • Rain resistance 
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Liquidarmor Technical Data Sheet