Carlisle Vapor Lock Waterproofing System

The Vapor-Lock System is used to waterproof lightweight structural decks, inverted roof systems with steel decks covered by gypsum, DensDeck® or plywood. The Vapor-Lock System is also ideal for conventional waterproofing of split slabs, tunnels and plaza decks.

Product Description

Carlisle’s Vapor-Lock System utilizes the CCW-711-90 sheet membrane as a preformed first course on difficult-to-waterproof substrates
such as lightweight structural concrete and wood. The CCW-711-90 sheet membrane is a 90-mil composite consisting of a self-adhering rubberized asphalt membrane laminated to high-strength, heat resistant woven polypropylene mesh. The woven mesh is designed to withstand high temperatures, allowing the membrane to become an integral reinforcement part of the CCW-500R Hot-Applied Membrane System.

The second course of the Carlisle Vapor-Lock System is the application of CCW-500. The CCW-500 is a single-component rubberized asphalt compound that forms a tough, flexible, monolithic membrane over the CCW-711 sheet membrane. The fast setup time speeds the completion of the waterproofing system.

CCW Vapor Lock Spec

CCW Vapor Lock TDS