You need it, We make it! Learn about GIC’s Fabrication Capabilities

At General Insulation, we do our best to offer our customers aggressive pricing on insulation and superior customer service, but did you know that we also have the capabilities to offer more? GIC can fabricate custom insulation products for manufacturers that will help save time and money.

Who can benefit from these additional services that we offer?Fabrication

  • Anyone who currently takes insulation material and cuts it to size. If you are buying two types of insulation, applying an adhesive, and sticking them together, GIC can do those steps for you!
  • Does your company use formed packaging foam as a protective measure for shipping your product? GIC can fabricate custom-cut packing pieces for you.

Manufacturers who take advantage of our fabrication services report reduced labor costs and increased production rates.

The attached sell sheet will provide you with details of the services we can offer.

For more information or to ask questions, contact your local Regional Sales Manager:

Bill Arcure, Director of Fabrication – 412.812.1302 –

OEM Flyer


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You need it, We make it! Learn about GIC’s Fabrication Capabilities
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