Touch ‘n Seal No-Warp Foam Window & Door Insulating Sealant

Touch ‘n Seal No-Warp Foam is formulated to permanently seal around doors, windows and skylights without bowing jambs or deflecting frames. It exerts up to 95% less bowing pressure than competitive foams that may inhibit or prevent proper opening and closing of fenestrations. It is packaged in a 20 oz. can that produces 2,200 linear feet of ¼” bead.

Product Description

Touch ‘n Seal No-Warp Foam Window & Door Insulating Sealant is an expanding polyurethane foam sealant that seals cracks and gaps up to 1-1/2” (38mm) wide to insulate and blocks drafts, moisture and insects resulting in improved comfort and reduced energy usage. It is formulated to meet the insulating and air sealing requirements of the professional commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential contractor and can be used on wood, masonry, insulating foam boards, metal, plastics and sheetrock.

Once cured, it is non-toxic and fire-retardant.

  • Packaged in 20 oz. can
    • Yield (¼” bead) – 2,200 linear feet
  • Low expansion and pressure during cure for sealing windows and doors (AAMA #812-04)
  • Bright white in color
  • Density – 1.3-1.8 lbs./cu.ft.
  • R Value – 4.5 per inch thickness
  • Max. Service Temp for Cured Foam – 250ºF (121ºC)
  • Shelf Life – 12 months
  • Class A fire resistance
    • Flame Spread – 10 (4 x ½” bead)
    • Smoke Developed – 15 (4 x ½” bead)
  • ICC-ES ESR-1926 approved
  • Tack-Free Dry Time – 12 minutes
  • Full Cure Time – 1 hour

Touch ‘n Seal No Warp Foam Technical Data Sheet

Gun foam Use Guidelines

Touch n Seal No Warp Gun Foam Safety Data Sheet