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Product Description

PYROGEL XTE – High Performance Aerogel Insulation for Industrial Applications
Pyrogel® XTE insulation is a flexible, high-performance, aerogel blanket designed for use in industrial applications. Pyrogel XTE is engineered to deliver superior thermal performance while offering excellent protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI). Hydrophobic and breathable, Pyrogel XTE ensures long-lasting water resistance for both the insulation layer and underlying asset; they remain drier for longer, preserving process conditions, and saving energy in the harshest of environments. These characteristics make Pyrogel XTE the “go-to” insulation for industry-leading CUI defense.

With extremely low thermal conductivity, Pyrogel XTE is up to 75% thinner than competing materials. It’s thin profile makes it ideal for installation in congested areas or to resolve mechanical clashes, increasing both plant safety and efficiency. Pyrogel XTE is mechanically robust, enabling pre-insulation to save time and money. It can be removed and reused after inspection, lowering total cost of ownership.

The versatility of Pyrogel XTE makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from small-bore pipe to the largest format process vessels and equipment. 

Pyrogel XTE Advantages

•  Best-in-class CUI protection

•  Hydrophobic and breathable, resists liquid water and avoids the damaging effects of wet insulation

•  Up to five-times better thermal performance versus competing materials

•  Faster application rates, especially on large-bore pipes and vessels

•  Tough enough to maintain thermal performance even after compression events

•  Versatile format can be cut to fit any piece of piping or equipment

•  Reduced logistics costs relative to rigid insulation—lower scrap, transport costs, and man hours on project and turnaround work

•  Durable format permits pre-insulation and reuse


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General Insulation Company is a B2B distributor – supplier with over 50 locations across the U.S. that stocks and fabricates a wide variety of aerogel insulation products for commercial, industrial, and residential construction markets.

CRYOGEL Z – Flexible Aerogel Insulation for Sub-Ambient and Cryogenic Applications
Cryogel® Z flexible aerogel blanket insulation is engineered to deliver maximum thermal protection with minimal weight and thickness. Cryogel Z is composed of a flexible aerogel blanket laminated to a vapor retarder. This powerful combination makes Cryogel Z unmatched in sub-ambient, cold cycling, and cryogenic applications.

Cryogel Z’s extremely low thermal conductivity minimizes heat gain and liquid boil-off. Cryogel Z remains flexible, even at cryogenic temperatures, eliminating the need for complex and costly contraction joints, thereby resulting in simple and faster installation. It is designed for long term performance while also withstanding incidental mechanical abuse, leading to continued protection through the life of the asset. Cryogel Z is ideal for faster and safer installations for both maintenance work and new builds.

In addition to being the first choice in cold conservation, Cryogel Z based systems offer acoustic attenuation and protections against cryogenic spill, pool fire, and jet fire. The combination of these safeguards make Cryogel Z ideal for onshore, offshore and marine applications.

CRYOGEL Z Advantages

•  Extremely low thermal conductivity (k-value) enables thinner designs for improved space efficiency

•  Integrated vapor retarder provides redundant protection in an easy-to-install package

•  Eliminates the need for contraction joints reducing cost and complexity

•  Durable and flexible even at cryogenic temperatures

•  Robust performance during construction, transport and operations makes it suitable for pre-insulation and modular builds

•  Increased labor productivity and faster installation rates

•  Proven in global LNG liquefaction and regasification facilities

•  Thermal, acoustic, jet-fire, pool fire, and cryogenic spill protection in a single systems

Pyrogel XTE Technical Data Sheet
Pyrogel XTE Safety Data Sheet

Cryogel Z Technical Data Sheet
Cryogel Z Safety Data Sheet

Pyrogel XTE Pipe and Equipment Install Manual

Cryogel Z Cold Service Pipe Install Manual

District Energy Install Manual