Proto PVC Bulk Rolls

Proto jacketing can be used indoors or outdoors. It stays white, with exceptional outdoor weathering. It is the choice for food and drug plants and the petrochemical industry. It can be welded shut for use in food plants. It can be ordered in thicknesses from .010 mil. to .040 mil. and in 35 1/2″ or 48″ lengths (depending on mil thickness and type of material).

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Product Description

The Proto Fitting Cover System is used to insulate mechanical piping systems at fitting locations and provide a PVC jacketing for straight run piping. Both give a quality appearance and have excellent durability.

25/50 Rated. All Proto PVC Fittings are made of LoSMOKE~grade PVC. Roll Jacketing is available in either 25/50 rated or regular PVC Grade (not 25/50 rated). The 25/50 products meet fire and smoke safety requirements of federal, state and local building codes.

Excellent Appearance. Bright high-gloss white coloring adds a distinct quality appearance to the system. The standard line of Proto Fitting Covers are made in LoSMOKE-PVC designed for indoor and outdoor use. Virtually all sizes pass 25/50 when made of LoSMOKE~PVC. Colored PVC is manufactured from a LoSMOKE~formula that is suitable for indoor use only.

Easy To Clean. Due to the smooth, high gloss finish on Proto PVC Fittings, the product cleans easily with soap and water. This makes the system ideal for food and drug facilities.

Low Cost Installation. Significant cost savings vs. conventional cement, molded sections, and mitered sections.

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Proto Covers Data Sheet

Proto Covers Safety Data Sheet