Polyguard ALUMAGUARD Flexible Weather-Proofing Jacket

Alumaguard weather-proofing cladding from Polyguard products is the original, flexible self-healing membrane used world-wide on exterior ductwork, refrigeration and chilled water piping, tanks, vessels and equipment.

• Proven: With millions of square feet sold over the last 12 years, Alumaguard has the track-record engineer’s favor. It replaces labor-intensive rigid aluminum and fabric/mastic systems at like or less installed cost.
• True Zero Perm Performance
• Self-Healing: the rubberized bituminous membrane seals small cuts punctures; is UV stable; and expands and contracts with the underlying substrate.
• Excellent emissivity and sound attenuation properties.
• Available in bright white Alumaguard Cool Wrap finish which meets California Title 24, CRRC and Energy Star requirements.

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Product Description

Alumaguard is a composite membrane consisting of a multi-ply embossed UV-resistant aluminum foil/polymer laminate to which is applied a layer of rubberized asphalt specially formulated for use on insulated duct and piping applications. The rubberized asphalt acts as the substrate adhesive and provides the self-healing characteristics necessary to seal around punctures. Protecting the rubberized asphalt is an easily removed plastic release liner which gives Alumaguard its peel and stick functionality.

Alumaguard is designed to be used outdoors to weather-proof exterior insulated ductwork, piping or other insulated tanks, vessels and equipment. Alumaguard resists moisture, air and vapor intrusion.  

Membrane Property, Test Method, and Results
Product Thickness Micrometer 55-60 mils
Product Weight Scale 0.3 lbs/sf
Water Vapor Transmission (grains/hr-ft²) ASTM E96-00 0.00
Permeance (US Perms) ASTM E96-00 0.00
Peel Adhesion (to primed steel) ASTM D1000 >12 lbs/in
Elongation at Break ASTM D882 182%
Low Temperature Pliability ASTM D146 No Cracks@-15ºF
Tensile Strength (Film only)(MD) (XD) ASTM D882 43 lbs/in 51 lbs/in
Puncture Resistance (Film Only) ASTM D774 150 PSI
Mold Resistance ASTM C1338 Pass
Upper Temperature Limit LAB 160ºF
Emissivity ASTM C1371 .030
Alumaguard® Cool Wrap Properties and Test Results, Solar Reflectance, and Thermal Emittance
Cool Roof Rating Council(CRRC) Initial 0.86 0.82
Cool Roof Rating Council(CRRC) 3 Year Pending Pending
Energy Star 3 Year 0.84 0.78
California Title 24 Exceeds 0.75 Exceeds 0.75

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