GLT Vinaflex (FF) Noise Barrier w/ Foil Scrim Facing

GLT Vinaflex (FF) Noise Barrier is a flexible, mass loaded vinyl barrier faced with a scrim reinforced aluminum foil on one side. Vinaflex (FF) is used for wrapping noisy pipes, ducts, and valves in a wide variety of applications.

Product Description

Vinaflex (FF) may be combined with a quilted fiberglass decoupler to improve acoustical performance, thermal conductivity, and lower installation costs. The durable reinforced foil facing serves as a protective jacket and readily accepts matching lag tape.

Standard Roll Size by Density

Vinaflex FF-100       1lb/sqft                   48”x50”

Noise Transmission Loss [dB] / Frequency [Hz]

Hz   125      250      500      1000      2000     4000     STC

dB    16        17        22         27         31         36        26

Vinaflex FF Acoustical Barrier, per ASTM E-84 “Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials,” meets Class A Rating

Vinaflex FF Foil/Scrim Faced Product Sheet

Vinaflex Safety Data Sheet