GLT Temp Mat Removable Insulation Blanket

Temp Mat is non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-alkaline and chemically stable fiberglass product. It offers excellent heat resistance, flexibility and low thermal conductivity making Tempmat an effective low-cost replacement for asbestos mats, millboard refractory paper and other similar products

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Product Description

Tempmat is manufactured in web form and mechanically needled together to form thicknesses of ¼˝, ½˝ and 1˝. There are no binders in Temp Mat. Instead, long textile fibers have been accurately chopped to provide maximum density, high insulation and strong physical properties in temperatures up to 1200°F.  It also offers excellent sound absorption properties and resistance to vibration without powdering.

The product can be used to relieve stress at welding points and on valve flange covers. In nuclear power plants, these blankets reduce labor costs during removal for inspection and service, and cut reinsulation costs associated with poor fitting rigid block.

Applications for Temp Mat

  • Muffler insulation
  • Removable blankets and pads
  • Ship turbines
  • Piping
  • Industrial ovens
  • Coast Guard and Navy vessels
  • Gas turbines
  • Exhaust systems
  • Valve flange covers

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GLT Fiberglass Temp Mat Removable Insulation Blanket Product Sheet

GLT Fiberglass Temp Mat Removable Insulation Blanket Safety Data Sheet