ProTech Global GT50HT High Tack Cold Weather Aluminum Foil Tape

ProTech Global GT50HT High Tack Cold Weather Aluminum Foil Tape

ProTech Global GT50HT is the premium aluminum foil tape. Manufactured to the highest of specifications and coated with a solvent acrylic pressure sensitive instant grab adhesive, this conformable dead soft aluminium foil tape can be easily moulded to irregular surfaces, maintaining insulation efficiency by protecting against the effects of fire, moisture and dust.

Designed with today’s demanding application requirements in mind, this premium grade tape product exhibits superior standards of reliability, strength and durability whilst exceling in demanding temperature and humidity applications, making GT50HT the tape of choice for extreme environments.

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Product Description


  • Aluminium backing providing excellent reflection of both heat and light.
  • Cold weather adhesive with moderate adhesion offering excellent sealing and bonding on joints and
    seams in HVAC ductwork applications.
  • Excellent aging resistance for both internal and external applications
  • Low moisture vapour transmission rate offers excellent sealing and patching performance. 


Widely used in the HVAC industry for joining and sealing of foil-scrim faced laminated fibreglass blankets, duct board, pipe sections and seams.  Extensively used but not limited to joining and sealing of flexible air duct seams and connections, in both internal and external applications. 

Also used in other industrial applications requiring an adhesive tape with similar characteristics and benefits. Please check with a technical product expert to determine suitability for a particular purpose prior to use.

Product Data

Item                                              Value                                           Standard
Adhesive                                       Solvent Acrylic
Product Thickness                       2 mil                                           PSTC-133 / ASTM D 3652
Total Thickness                            3.5 mil                                        PSTC-133 / ASTM D 3652
Elongation at Break                      3%                                              PSTC-6 / ASTM D 3759
Tensile Strength                            10.2 lb/in                                  PSTC-131 / ASTM D 3759
Tack Rolling Ball                            2.0 in                                        PSTC-6 / ASTM D3121
Adhesion to Steel                          54 oz/in                                    PSTC-101 / ASTM D 3330
Service Temperature                     -31 to 248 Degrees F              
Application Temperature              -4 to 105 Degrees F  
Fire Rating                                      25/50                                       ASTM E84 / UL723

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ProTech Global GT50HT Technical Data Sheet

ProTech Global GT50HT Safety Data Sheet