Boss 310 RTV Industrial Silicone Sealant

Boss 310 RTV Industrial Silicone Sealant

Boss 310 RTV Industrial Silicone Sealant is a one-part acetoxy cure silicone product that is suitable for general industrial sealing and adhesive applications. This product will adhere to clean metal, glass, many types of wood, silicone resins, vulcanized silicone rubber, ceramics and plastic surfaces. A primer may be required for optimum adhesion to some surfaces.

Boss 310 RTV Industrial Silicone Sealant has good resistance to weathering, vibration, moisture, ozone and extreme temperatures. This sealant may be applied in sub-zero weather without loss of extrusion or physical property characteristics. Fully cured Boss 310 RTV Industrial Silicone Sealant can be used for extended periods at temperatures up to 400°F (204°C).

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Product Description


  • Seal heating, ventilating or air conditioning duct work
  • Sealing cracks or gaps around windows, vents, ducts, fixtures and lights
  • Seal leaks in gutters, downspouts, ducts and piping
  • Seal cracks in interior walls and ceilings, door joints and fixtures
  • Seal out water from compartments in machinery or appliances
  • Seal around freezer doors and windows to prevent frost and condensation from forming
  • Seal electrical connections and boxes to waterproof
  • Seal joints and cracks in the roofs and sides of truck trailers
  • Seal stainless steel food service equipment
  • Seal electrical controls, instruments, motors, fans and machinery to keep out dust, dirt and moisture
  • Make quick sheet metal patches
  • Seal wall-floor and wall-ceiling seams
  • Seal windows in oven doors and flues on gas appliances, flanged pipe joints and access doors
  • Adhering auto and appliance trim, including metal, fabric and fabric-backed plastics
  • Sealing trailers, truck cabs
  • Filleting and caulking joints in sheet metal stacks, ductwork and equipment housings
  • Bonding gaskets in heating and refrigeration units
  • Sealing marine cabins and windows
  • Antiabrasion coating
  • Bonding signs and sign letters
  • Attaching screwless brackets or nameplates and tacking plastic materials to metal
  • Formed-in-place gasket for gear boxes, compressors and pumps


Boss 310 RTV Industrial Silicone Sealant is available in a variety of colors including clear, white, black, aluminum, bronze and almond.

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Boss 310 RTV Industrial Silicone Sealant Technical Data Sheet

Boss 310 RTV Industrial Silicone Sealant Safety Data Sheet