Ideal Products SafetyJacs Cut & Rolled Jacketing

SafetyJacs C&R (Cut and Rolled) is Ideal Products’ newest standard for cut to length jacketing, produced from both aluminum and stainless steel meeting the requirements of ASTM A240 and B209 standards.  Ideal Products SafetyJacs are mainly used for the protection of small to large diameter straight pipe insulation systems, where Safety is a main concern for the job site, and Profit is important on a project.  The jacketing provides physical damage resistance, UV protection, and water shed to help prevent moisture from entering the insulation system. 

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Product Description

SafetyJacs are manufactured with innovative patented technology that produces the cut to length jacketing with extremely low tolerances of +/- 0.0001″. The leading edge incorporates a ½” folded hem, while also having all circumferential edges deburred. SafetyJacs have been designed with both Safety & Profitability in mind for all users. With the ½” hem and factory deburred edges, this greatly reduces the potential of cuts and lacerations when handling. The ½” hem on the longitudinal edge also provides more rigidity reducing the amount of workmanship required to install when a “fish mouthing” effect often occurs on various types of insulation, thus increasing Productivity and Profitability.

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SafetyJacs Cut and Rolled Jacketing Technical Data Sheet

SafetyJacs Cut and Rolled Jacketing Features Sheet