K-Flex Non Halogen Tubing

K-Flex Non Halogen Tubing

K-FLEX ECO Tube is a halogen-free, flexible, closed-cell elastomeric tube insulation product designed for marine applications.  This product is available in ½”, ¾” and 1” wall thicknesses in non-slit form.

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Product Description

Designed for the Marine and Shipbuilding Industry, K-FLEX ECO Tube can withstand temperature ranges up to 250°F (300°F intermittent).  It does not contain carbon black in accordance with U.S. Environmental Department standards, making it ideal for stainless steel applications above 120F.  Additionally, K-FLEX ECO Tube does not contain fibers, PVC, or CFCs – making it the best solution for enclosed areas on marine and cruise ships.

K-FLEX ECO Tube complies with standards from Electric Boat Corporation (EB 4013), the U.S. Navy Environmental Department, and the International Maritime Organization (SOLAS agreement).

K-FLEX ECO Tubing Product Sheet

>K-FLEX ECO Tubing Safety Data Sheet