Pittsburgh Corning Foamglas Fittings Insulation

FOAMGLAS ONE fitttings insulation is a cellular glass insulation. Foamglas is a lightweight, rigid insulating material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells, each an insulating space, with constant insulating efficiency. It is impermeable to moisture in any form, is corrosion-resistant, cannot burn and is non-combustible, and has a very broad range of operating temperature, from -450°F to +900°F.

Prefabricated Foamglas Fittings are available in these forms: elbows, tees, pipe reducers, end caps, vessel head segments, conical segments, spherical segments, and trapezoidal segments.

Product Description

FOAMGLAS ONE fittings insulation is a lightweight, rigid material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. FOAMGLAS ONE insulation is manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning in a block form and then fabricated into a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy industrial and commercial insulation requirements.

Fabricated Foamglas Pipe and Equipment insuation Brochure

Foamglas Insulation Brochure

Foamglas SDS