nVent RAYCHEM C910-485 Single-Point Heat-Tracing Control System

nVent RAYCHEM C910-485 Single-Point Heat-Tracing Control System

The nVent RAYCHEM C910-485 is a compact, full-featured, microprocessor-based, single-point commercial heating cable control system with integrated equipment ground-fault protection. The C910-485 provides control and monitoring of electric heating cable circuits for commercial heating applications. The C910-485 can be set to monitor and alarm for high and low temperature, low current, and ground-fault level. The C910-485 includes an RS-485 communication module to remotely configure, control and monitor the heating cable circuits through a building management system (BMS).

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Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Simple to install, program and operate, right from the box, with no field assembly
  • Alarm conditions and programming settings are easy to interpret on the full-text front panel
  • Extensive control, monitoring, alarm, communications and protocol gateway capabilities
  • Supports Modbus® protocol and includes an RS-485 communications interface
  • Enclosure: NEMA 4X, FRP
  • Reliable during long life: 2 year product warranty available, maintenance free 


Supply Voltage: 120 – 277 V
IP Rating: 4X
Material: FRP
Current Rating: 30 A
Height: 10 in
Width: 8.5 in
Depth: 6.25 in


The C910-485 measures temperature with one or two 3-wire 100-ohm platinum RTD(s) connected directly to the unit. The controller may be used in line-sensing, ambient-sensing and proportional ambient-sensing control (PASC) modes. The C910-485 may also be connected into the ACS-30 system for single circuit extensions. When in the ACS-30 system it is controlled by the ACS-UIT2 and has all the application functionality of the ACS-30 system.


A variety of parameters are measured, including ground fault, temperature, and current to ensure system integrity. The system can be set to periodically check the heating cable for faults, alerting maintenance personnel of a heat-tracing problem.Both an isolated solid-state triac relay and a dry contact relay are provided for alarm annunciation back to a building management system (BMS). 

Ground-Fault Protection

National electrical codes require ground-fault equipment protection on all heat-tracing circuits. The C910-485 controllers incorporate ground-fault sensing, alarm, and trip functionality internally. Heating cable circuits equipped with C910-485 controllers do not require additional ground-fault protection equipment, simplifying installation and reducing costs. The C910-485 automatically tests the integrity of the integrated ground-fault circuitry, ensuring protection in the event of a ground fault. 

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nVent RAYCHEM C910-485 Technical Data Sheet