nVent RACHEM XL-Trace Edge Self-Regulating Heating Cable

nVent RACHEM XL-Trace Edge Self-Regulating Heating Cable

nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace Edge self-regulating trace heating cables provide energy efficient and easy to use solutions for pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance of grease waste lines (above and below ground) and fuel lines (above ground).

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Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Simple to design
  • Easy to install: cut to length, meter marks, fast RayClic cold connection system
  • Energy efficient and safe: self-regulating cable, advanced energy saving controls, no cable overheating possible, suitable for plastic pipes
  • Reliable during long life: 10 year extended product warranty available, maintenance free 

Product Overview

nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace Edge is designed for pipe
freeze protection and flow maintenance in the following

  • Freeze protection of general water piping
    (aboveground and buried)
  • Freeze protection of fire sprinkler system piping,
    including sprinklers
  • Flow maintenance of greasy waste lines
    (aboveground and buried)
  • Flow maintenance of fuel lines (aboveground)

The heating element in the XL-Trace Edge heating cable
consists of a continuous core of conductive polymer
extruded between two copper bus wires. The XL-Trace Edge
heating cable regulates its power output in response to pipe
temperature changes. This self-regulating technology allows
XL-Trace Edge heating cable to be overlapped or installed on
plastic pipes without overheating.

Low total installed cost
The XL-Trace Edge heating cable’s parallel circuitry allows it
to be cut to the exact length required, with no wasted cable.
Its flexibility allows it to be wrapped around complex fittings
and valves.

All of these characteristics simplify and streamline the design
of a heat-tracing system. Installation is quick and simple.

Low total operating cost
Building operators are assured of optimal energy efficiency
and low maintenance costs when an XL-Trace Edge system
is specified.

The same features that make an XL-Trace Edge system easy
to install the first time also simplify additions or changes to
the system during building renovations.


Supply Voltage: 208 – 277 V
Ground Path Type: Braid

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nVent RAYCHEM XL Trace Edge Technical Data Sheet

nVent RAYCHEM XL Trace Edge O&M Manual