Carboline Southwest Type 5MD Fireproofing

Carboline Southwest Type 5MD Fireproofing

A medium density SFRM intended for the fire protection of interior structural columns, beams, joists, decks, walls, roofs, girders, floors and pre-cast concrete units. It is tested and certified for fire resistance ratings up to 4 hours. Southwest Type 5MD is a trademark of the Southwest Fireproofing Products Company.

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Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Durable cementitious formulation
  • Noncombustible
  • Can be injected with Accelerator A-20 for fast set and increased yield (optional)
  • Asbestos-free – compliant with EPA and OSHA
  • Mineral Wool free – no airborne fibers
  • Styrene free – no toxic decomposition gases

Carboline Southwest Type 5MD Product Data Sheet

Carboline Southwest Type 5MD Safety Data Sheet