3M Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strips

Intumescent wrap strip primarily used in top-side firestop installations. Available as precut strips for 2-inch, 3-inch or 4-inch plastic pipes and as an 8 foot roll which can be cut to length for larger plastic piping penetrations. Quicker installation translates to labor savings.

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Product Description

3M Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strips are designed for use with PVC, ccPVC, and FRPP plastic pipes penetrating through concrete floors, block and concrete walls, and gypsum stud walls.

  • Engineered for top-side, firestop, through-penetration installations
  • Helps eliminate the need for retaining collars, concrete screws, etc., saving time and labor
  • UL tested and fire-rated for up to 3 hours
  • Flexible foam strips wrap around pipe to fill tough areas and gaps
  • Adhesive-backed label offers quick installation
  • Expands 100x in volume

Complete Specs and SDS:

3M Fire Barrier Wrap Strips Brochure

3M Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strips Product Data Sheet

3M Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strips SDS