RothoBlaas Traspir Adhesive 260

TRASPIR ADHESIVE 260 is the self-adhesive membrane that ensures strong adhesion even on the roughest substrates.

The special patented adhesive allows it to retain its breathable properties while still ensuring a secure seal. It features an Sd value of just 0.22 m and a very high capacity to speed up installation.

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Product Description

The adhesive surface prevents the formation of airflow behind the membrane in case of accidental breakage or failure to seal.  Thanks to the patented glue, it remains perfectly breathable even when fully bonded: the fully self-adhesive surface of the membrane allows fast and safe installation without compromising performance.

It is ideal for pre-processing in the factory and also offers protection for CLT elements during transport and construction.



– Mass per unit area : 260
– Water vapour trasmission (Sd) (m) : 0,22
– Maximum tensile force MD/CD (N/50mm) : 315/250
– Elongation MD/CD (%) : 61/66
– Resistance to tearing MD/CD (N) : 255/260
– Watertightness (class) : classe W1
– VOC emission (COV) (%(class A+)) : 0
– Temperature resistance (°C) : -30/+80 

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Traspir Adhesive 260 Technical Data Sheet