RothoBlaas Clima Control Net 160 Interior Membrane

RothoBlaas Clima Control Net 160 Interior Membrane

CLIMA CONTROL NET 160 is the membrane with variable vapour diffusion that protects from weather and is breathable when internal relative humidity is too high, and serves as a vapour control membrane when internal humidity is at suitable levels. It is the ideal membrane to increase energy performance for packages and solutions for reconditioning of existing structures.

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Product Description

CLIMA CONTROL NET 160: breathable membrane and vapour barrier in a single solution.

Thanks to its special composition and reinforcing grid, the CLIMA CONTROL NET 160 membrane is not affected by mechanical stresses caused by staples, nails or wear caused by walking.

The special PA film gives the product the ability to adapt to the hygrometric conditions of the building. If the membrane comes into contact with high humidity levels, it transforms from a vapour control layer into a breathable product, guaranteeing that the structure remains dry.

It is one of the products for which the EPD and LCA environmental declarations have been developed.



– Mass per unit area : 160
– Water vapour trasmission (Sd) (m) : 0,5/5
– Maximum tensile force MD/CD (N/50mm) : 400/270
– Elongation MD/CD (%) : 20/20
– Resistance to tearing MD/CD (N) : 240/250
– Watertightness (class) : conforme
– VOC emission (COV) (%(class A+)) : 0
– Temperature resistance (°C) : -40/+80
– Reaction to fire (class) : classe E 

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Clima Control Net 160 Technical Data Sheet