Foster 40-51 Sheer Defense Mold Resistant Clear Sealer

Foster 40-51 mold resistant clear coat has a low viscosity allowing it to be easily applied by hand or with virtually any type of airless spray system.  It works well on a wide variety of surfaces including wood, painted surfaces, wall board, masonry surfaces, and metal.

Product Description

Foster 40-51 Mold Resistant Clear Sealer Attributes

  • Based upon a durable acrylic polymer for long service life
  • Provides a hard, mar-resistant finish that will reduce dirt pick up.
  • Seals water damaged surfaces
  • Excellent water resistance. Will not blush once fully cured.
  • Specially formulated with select EPA registered antimicrobial additives to provide long term protection against odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew on its surface.
  • Can be used over a variety of surfaces such as bare wood painted surfaces, wall board, masonry, brick, tile, grout and metal.
  • Easy to clean and highly resistant to staining caused by chemicals, mold or mildew.
  • Non-hazardous to apply and use.
  • Can be used for industrial, commercial, residential, hospital and school applications.
  • Meets requirements for LEED 2009 IEQ 4.2 Low-Emitting Materials, Paints and Coatings. VOC: 92 g/l, less water and exempt solvents.

Foster 40-51 Mold Resistant Clear Sealer TDS

Foster 40-51 Mold Resistant Clear Sealer SDS