Characteristics that Define the Culture of General Insulation

  1. We put the interest of the customer in the highest position of priority.
  2. We provide value added service that includes and goes beyond a thank you. We look for the opportunity to make doing business with GIC a better experience.
  3. We are not in this just to occupy time or just for a paycheck. We push forward and seek innovation and are on a constant quest for self-improvement.
  4. Employees identify personal and company traits that can be improved upon. We never settle for average results or “good enough” and drive relentlessly for excellent performance and results.
  5. We recognize that how we deliver results is as important as the results themselves.
  6. At GIC services means delivering value. The product arrives on time, intact, and as ordered. The value added service is the respect for the customer and courtesy towards their needs. Superior service means customer confidence. Customers want quality product and service, and they want to deal with people they trust and enjoy doing business with.
  7. Employees are always pleasant and courteous to vendors, customers, and co-workers alike!

Frank Granara – President/CEO


Current employment opportunities with GIC can be found at the following links: