Childers CHIL-BYL CP-76 Sealant

Childers CHIL-BYL CP-76 Sealant

CHIL-BYL CP-76 sealant is a balanced blend of butyl polymers specifically designed for permanent flexibility in low temperature, dual temperature, and high temperature insulation applications.

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Product Description

CHIL-BYL CP-76 sealant is used to vapor seal the joints of cellular glass and cellular plastic insulations (except polystyrene). It remains flexible and functional through a wide temperature range.

CHIL-BYL CP-76 sealant has good resistance to elevated temperatures, and is recommended as an expansion joint material up to 300ºF.

It is an excellent water seal, vapor seal, and expansion joint material, and is suggested as a joint sealant for metal jacketing systems.

Certain metals such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel and their alloys may be susceptible to corrosion when in contact with some materials. To prevent the possibility of corrosion direct contact between the sealant and these metals should be avoided.

White 76
Gray 76-1

(Temperature to which dry film is subjected.)
-100ºF to 300ºF -73ºC to 149ºC

• CHIL-BYL CP-76 sealant resists the effects of water soak, high temperatures, vibration stresses, and combinations of all three.
• It has extremely low shrinkage, excellent adhesion, and requires no mixing or additives.

• Meets NFPA Standard 90-A and 90-B 25/50 requirements.
• This product has been tested according to ASTM E-84 (Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials).
• Meets requirements for LEED IEQ 4.1 Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives and Sealants when used as a butt joint sealant in insulated systems. VOC: 356 g/l, less water and exempt solvents.

ASTM F-1249, 0.038 perm (0.025 metric perm) tested in 0.047” ( 1.3 mm)
dry film at 100oF (38oC) and 90%RH

The water vapor transmission through 1 in. of impermeable insulation in
12×18 in. blocks with 1/8 in. joints of CP-76 is too small to measure.

(ASTM E-84, Tunnel Test)
Flame Spread: 5
Smoke Developed: 5
Surface Inorganic reinforced cement board
Total Coverage 32 sq. ft./gal, 2” wide strip

CP-76 contains no asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds.

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CHL-BYL CP-76 Sealant TDS

CHL-BYL CP-76 Sealant SDS