ProTech Global PROCLAD150 Cladding System

PROCLAD150 is the premium multi-layered laminate system, which provides a weatherproof cladding and jacketing system to insulated duct and pipe systems.  The 6-ply laminate has a zero-perm rating to prevent moisture ingress and with increased strength and UV resistance, PROCLAD150 provides a market leading solution. The technically advanced adhesive being solvent free for safe environmentally conscious use, is capable of being applied in wet/humid conditions at extremes of temperatures (-22˚F to +266˚F).

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Product Description

Characteristics & Advantages

  • External & internal applications
  • Proven UV resistance, 10 years+
  • Increased puncture resistance
  • Salt water resistant
  • Resistant to a range of chemicals
  • Compliant for direct food contact
  • 15/35 ASTM E84 / UL723 rated
  • Long term protection and durability
  • Extends the serviceable life of infrastructure and lowers maintenance costs

Product Data

Item                                              Value                                           Standard
Product Thickness                       150 microns                               
Tensile Strength                            >200 newtons                           EN 527-3
Elongation                                     >60%                                          EN 527-3
Water Permeability                       0.00 g/m2/d                             ASTM F1249 ISO 15106-2
Puncture Resistance                    >100 newtons                           DIN EN 14477
Service Temperature                     -40 to 284 Degrees F              
Application Temperature              -22 to 266 Degrees F  
Emissivity Value                            0.03 to 0.84
UV Testing                                     10 years plus                           ASTM G 26A ISO 4892-2
Fire Rating                                     15/35                                        ASTM E84 / UL723 

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ProTech Global PROCLAD150 Technical Data Sheet