Touch ‘n Seal Quick Cure High Yield Foam 16 Lb Cylinder

Touch ‘n Seal Quick Cure High Yield Foam 16Lb Cylinder – use when high expansion is needed to fill and seal larger gaps and cracks. 16 lb. yeilds 24,000 linear feet of ¼” bead. Touch ‘n Seal Quick Cure foams are high performance, single component, moisture curing, Class 1 fire retardant, expanding polyurethane sealants. Use Quick Cure Polyurethane Foam Sealants to permanently air seal and insulate gaps and cracks to block drafts, moisture and insects while improving comfort and reducing energy usage in commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications. Common applications include sealing around plumbing, ventilation outlets, electrical junctions, between sill plates and concrete slabs, or anywhere requiring a fast, economical air-sealing moisture barrier.

Product Description

Quick Cure foams work on wood, masonry, insulating foam boards, metal, wire insulation, plastics and sheetrock and are available in both straw dispensed aerosol cans and larger cylinders with hoses and applicators.

The easy portable way to handle large jobs. Use Quick Cure HY when high expansion is needed to fill and seal larger gaps and cracks. System includes hose and wands. Replacement cylinders and accessories available.

  • Available in 10 lb. and 16 lb. cylinders
    • 16 lb. Yield (¼” bead) – 24,000 linear feet
  • Density – 1.3-1.8 lbs./cu.ft.
  • R Value – 4.5 per inch thickness
  • Max. Service Temp for Cured Foam – 240ºF (116ºC)
  • Shelf Life – 12 months
  • Class A Fire Resistance
    • Flame Spread – 20
    • Smoke Developed – 25
  • ICC-ES ESR-1926 Approved
  • Tack-Free Dry Time – <15 minutes
  • Full Cure Time – 24 hours

Quick Cure Cylinders Product Data Sheet

Touch ‘n Seal Quick Cure Polyurethane Foam Sealant HY Cylinder Safety Data Sheet