DuPont Froth Pak Foam Sealant

DuPont Froth Pak Foam Sealant

Froth Pak Foam Sealant is the complete, all-in-one self-contained and easily portable kit for professional contractors to quickly and efficiently fill larger gaps and penetrations – sealing out moisture, dust, allergens and pests while improving energy efficiency, building resilience and comfort for homeowners.

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Product Description

The new Froth-Pak Sealant has a GWP reduction of over 99% and contains no ozone depleting chemicals or HFCs while maintaining the performance attributes professional contractors expect.

Froth-Pak Sealant’s industry-leading, customizable dispensing system helps ensure consistent flow rate, on-ratio application and complete dispensing of product. And unlike one-component foam, Froth-Pak Sealant is designed to significantly reduce curing time. It dispenses, expands and becomes tack-free in seconds.

Froth-Pak Sealant can be used safely in a wide range of settings, reducing the potential for unwelcome dust, pests, moisture, mold, mildew, allergens and rot.


  • Filling cavities, penetrations, cracks and expansion joints
  • Sealing and void filling in many roof applications
  • In commercial/residential applications, air sealing of roof and wall junctions, wall and attic penetrations, electrical, mechanical and plumbing penetrations, and other gaps, cracks or crevices in the building envelope
  • In agricultural applications, sealing poultry house sidewalls to create an airtight seal and reduce energy consumption by up to 30%

Product Advantages

  • Chemically cured foam significantly reduces curing time
  • Dispenses, expands and becomes tack-free in seconds
  • Skins over in 30-40 seconds and completely cures in minutes
  • Available in refillable cylinders or disposable kits


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Froth Pak Foam Sealant Technical Data Sheet