nVent RAYCHEM AMC-F5 Thermostat

The nVent RAYCHEM AMC-F5 thermostat is designed to control heat-tracing systems used for freeze protection in nonhazardous locations. The thermostat has a fixed set point of 40°F (5°C) and can be used for ambient-sensing or line-sensing. It can be used to control a single heat-tracing circuit or as a pilot control of a contactor switching multiple heat-tracing circuits.

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Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Simple to install and operate, single cable entry through 3/4″ (19 mm) through hole
  • Energy saving, ambient or line sensing control thermostat
  • Electrical rating and switch: 22 A at 125/250/480 VAC, SPST switch
  • Enclosure: TYPE 4X, UV-resistant, thermoplastic
  • Reliable during long life: 2 year product warranty available, maintenance free 


Enclosure                                              TYPE 4X, UV-resistant
Entries                                                  One 3/4-in (19 mm) through hole
Set point                                              40°F (5°C) nonadjustable
Sensor exposure limits                      –30°F to 140°F (–34°C to 60°C)
Housing exposure limits                    –30°F to 140°F (–34°C to 60°C)
Switch                                                  SPST
Electrical rating                                   22 A at 125 / 250 / 480 Vac
Accuracy                                              ±3°F (±1.7°C)
Deadband                                            2°F to 12°F (1.1°C to 6.7°C)
                                                             above actuation temperature
Set point repeatability                       ±3°F (±1.7°C)
Sensor type                                        Fluid-filled (silicone) bulb and
                                                            2.5 ft (0.8 m) capillary
Sensor material                                Tin-plated copper
Connection                                       Two 14 AWG (2 mm2) pigtails
                                                           One ground screw 

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nVent RAYCHEM AMC-F5 Technical Data Sheet