Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS HLB 800 Cellular Glass Tank and Vessel Insulation

FOAMGLAS HLB 800 Cellular Glass Insulation is specially designed for high load bearing industrial applications. Its unique combination of high compressive strength and low thermal conductivity makes it ideal for a wide range of tank base construction and other industrial load bearing applications.

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Product Description

Foamglas is a lightweight, rigid insulating material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells, each an insulating space, with constant insulating efficiency. It is impermeable to moisture in any form, is corrosion-resistant, cannot burn and is non-combustible, and has a very broad range of operating temperature, from -450°F to +900°F.

Since the 1960’s, tank builders worldwide have trusted FOAMGLAS insulation as a core component in tank base insulation systems, and today thousands of hot, cold and cryogenic tanks are supported by FOAMGLAS insulation systems.


  • Cold & cryogenic tanks bases
  • Hot & high temperature tank bases
  • Load bearing pipe supports
  • Secondary containment corner protection
  • Special loading bearing applications 

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Pittsburgh Corning Foamglas HLB 800 TDS

Pittsburgh Corning Foamglas HLB SDS