Manson Fiberglass High Temperature Board

Manson Fiberglass High Temperature Board

High Temperature Board is a lightweight insulation (2.8 PCF, 44.9 kg/m³) product made from inorganic glass fibers bonded with a high-temperature thermosetting resin.

Manson Insulation products with ECOSE® Technology are made using our patented, bio-based binder – a smarter alternative to the phenol/formaldehyde (PF) binder traditionally used in fiberglass products. The bio-based binder holds our product together and gives the product its unique appearance.

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Product Description

Corrosiveness (ASTM C665)
Does not accelerate corrosion of steel

Corrosion (ASTM C1617)

Maximum Service Temperature (ASTM C411)
1000° F (538° C)

Mold Growth (ASTM C1338)

Surface Burning Characteristics, flame spread/smoke developed (ASTM E84, UL 723, CAN/ULC S102 UL/ULC)
Classified FHC 25/50

Specification Compliance 
-ASTM C612; Types IA, IB, II and III; Category I
-ASTM C1139; Type III (withdrawn 2019)
-MIL-DTL-32585; Type I, Form I, Facing A
-ASTM C795
-NRC Reg. Guide 1.36 (Certification needs to be specified at the time of the order)
-USCG 164.109/A15/0

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Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet