RothoBlaas Seal Band | Seal Square Interior Air Seal Tape

SEAL BAND is an acrylic single-sided tape for indooor use that adheres effectively to all types of timber, for all types of sealing within the building envelope.  It is also available in the pre-cut SEAL SQUARE version with square shape, ideal for small spot seals or for the blowing technique, where precision is required.  

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Product Description

The pre-shapeable carrier allows efficient sealing of concave or convex corners and edges.

Square Version
Ideal for small point seals or holes for the blowing technique, where pre-cision is required.

Support: paper reinforced with protective film
Glue: acrylic dispersion without solvents
Release Liner: silicone coated paper

Fast Installation
Versions with pre-cut liner are available for quick and easy installation.

Reinfoced paper support, ideal for indoor use. Airtighness guaranteed over time. 

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RothoBlaas Seal Band | Seal Square Technical Data Sheet